Small lung nodules: How often should they be scanned / monitored?

Posted by sandie956 @sandie956, Jun 22, 2019

Small nodules on each lung. Third CT scan showed no change. Doctor said if next CT in one year shows no change, need no scan again, is this true? I would rather have scans every year?


You are correct. I was waiting for this to happen sooner or later. Perhaps they cannot deal with us because we prevail and continue to make sense. Let us see now, what can we do with this old woman who will not lay down and die. She still wants to live. She wants to continue to walk in between the wheelchair use. She still wants to feed her cat and dog, to care and love them. To go out to the back yard, get some sun, to look at the flowers, Watch the clouds roll bye and prepare the meals for the next day. And then to continue on to work with doctors to keep her going for as long as she can. The doctors are not prepared for this. If they will listen to us we can guide them with their experience together. Chances are this is but a dream but who knows without trying first There is always pain as we progress but the happiness we get in return working and loving the animals until their turn comes. The doctors must Come to understand that we are people who have our lives to continue as we wait for our time to come to the end. And all this with respect to the doctors.

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