Losartan recall

Posted by Lisa @techi, Nov 30, 2018

Today a second recall on a high blood pressure med my doctor has prescribed in a year. What does that tell you about our healthcare. And a med l was taken off at the mayo clinic because l shouldn't be taken. It would help me. And my cardiologist is trouble, my pcp has retired recently and his replacement doctor doesn't want to touch my case because he knows they messed me up. And l am the one with anxiety and depression. No l am hot. And as soon as l got off of valsartan and was put on losartan l thought something was going to go wrong. Patients dont need meds we need Jesus. All these drugs are killing us and our medical system is getting rich at our expense. And when we stand up the want us to stay quiet. And the mayo clinic ruled out Angina and cardiomegley a year ago. And when l was admitted this year for bradycardia this year it was still on my chart. And the cardiologist that put it on in the first place just got out of jail. I love my state healthcare.

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Did you read the FDA recall post?

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Yes and thank u😊

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