Looking for Women with Heart Failure for Art Therapy Research

Posted by janalynnnor @janalynnnor, Apr 30, 2022

Hello fellow women with heart failure,

My name is Jana Rivers Norton, and I was diagnosed with Stage 3 heart failure in 2020. I am currently a graduate student in art therapy at Saint Mary of the Woods College (SMWC) researching the experience of art making using positive art therapy interventions for women diagnosed with heart failure as a means to promote wellbeing and healthy life choices. My research has been approved by the Institutional Review Board of SMWC, and also by Connect’s community director, Colleen Young (thanks @colleenyoung).

If you are interested in participating in my research and offering your own unique heart failure story using creative self-expression, please reply to my contact information below or in the attached flyer.

For more information, please contact:
Jana Rivers Norton, Ph.D., Co-Investigator at
Dr. Ketura Welton, ATR-BC, LPC, Principal Investigator at Keturah.Welton@smwc.edu

How might the experience of artmaking using positive art therapy interventions promote wellbeing and healthy life choices for you? What creative activities help you?

Shared files

Research Flyer (Research-Flyer.pdf)

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I would take part in your study but have been hospitalized.


I would take part in your study but have been hospitalized.

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Hello, thanks for your reply. When were you hospitalized? Was it recently?


Hello again!

I am still looking for participants to tell your own heart failure story! I sure would love to hear any success stories about how others have made healthy life choices to be energized to live our best lives and obtain wellbeing.

According to a recent meta-analysis published by the American Heart Association, optimism helps us to creatively cope and also helps us live longer because it positively impacts cardiovascular health!

I also wanted to share some info I just received from the Providence Heart Center in Portland, Oregon. According to their 2022 Heart Guide 9 ways to de-stress include going outdoors regularly, reducing caffeine intake, listening to calming music, learning to say NO, connecting with others (laugh, cuddle, play, dine), writing, painting, trying other forms of artistic expression, taking slow steady breaths for 5 minutes, practicing gratitude, and spending time with a pet and those you love and who love you.

Though I am helped tremendously by my meds and care I am receiving at Mayo Clinic, my daily life actions have also helped me to practice healthy life choices (diet, exercise, destressing, loving kindness meditations) that have boosted my confidence and positive outlook about living with heart failure! Anybody else have healthy life choice practices that have helped them not just survive but thrive?




Interested in a 78yo transgender woman? Because of a birthing accident, my body has produced and has had to survive on Estrogen my entire life. I’ve experienced 3 heart attacks, tachycardia, bradycardia, A-fib, spontaneous Blackouts, spontaneous unconsciousness, have an Electrophysiologist who implanted a loop heart recorder because we discovered I have WPW, Wolff, Parkinson, White Syndrome. I could die any second because of a heart birth defect, causing my lower half of my heart to only work thru backup pathways because of the main pathways are dead. Wonder how I’m surviving, even after they put in a stent in my left Atrial, passed 5 blood clots, one a PE and repaired an Abdominal, Aortic Aneurysm, good question huh?

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