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Looking for a diagnosis

Posted by @josiezimm, Jan 9, 2012

My 16 year old son started having severe back pain in Sept. ’11. He was diagnosed with mild scoliosis. He saw a Dr. who told us that it is very minor and should not cause him much pain. After this the pain has not gotten better, and he has now lost 15 lbs. and has no appetite. He is down to 145 at 6′ tall. He only has a bm after taking a stool softener and he is always exhausted. He also has a spot on his lung that the Ped said was probably histoplasmosis since we live in the Mississippi Delta area. He has a referral for a GI specialist at LeBonheur Children’s Hospital next week. I am just hoping someone reads these symptoms and can offer me some clues.



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Posted by @madsel, Jan 9, 2012

Oh, I hope you find an answer too. Keep going and keep pushing until you find the answer. Take as many days off of work that you can and knock on the doors of every Dr. that has ever seen a patient with back pain and appetite loss. Don’t give up until they figure it out. God bless you and your son.


Posted by @transversemyelitisalabama, Jan 11, 2012

Has he ever had problems with his legs, numbness or tingling? Did his spine look good except for the curvature? Just curious.


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Posted by @madsel, Jan 12, 2012

Please look at this site:
I’m not trying to scare you but your post says that the spot on his lung is histoplasmosis. The site above gives a good overview of that disease and the symptoms that you are talking about. That being said there are some similarities of smptoms between your son and that disease and the website. I am not a medical professional nor do I pretend to be one. I am just a mom and thought I would search the name and see if I found anything. Good luck.


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Posted by @mand2900, Jan 27, 2012

I had idiopathic scoliosis when I was 13 that resulted in surgery. I certainly cannot diagnose, but his problems do not line up to be caused by the curveature of his spine. It is unlikely that mild scoliosis would cause this much pain…. I had far worse and others and I think many would agree that it did not cause the symptoms he is having unless they are missing something that has to do with more nerve associated conditions…hope my 2 cents helps and best of luck in getting to the bottom of things!

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