Long-Haul Covid and Asthma Diagnosis (anyone)?

Posted by otter2154 @otter2154, Sep 24, 2021

I was horribly sick for a several months last year (Nov, Dec and into Jan) with severe Covid-like symptoms. My PCP would not see me in person because of the Covid symptoms and only offered pep talks through video chat … so I suffered through it all at home. Finally got to a pulmo in Jan and after testing he immediately diagnosed me with moderate persistent asthma (I am 57).

Fast forward to today and I am doing much better. Still working with pulmo group and through addition testing they have ruled out COPD, Bronchiectasis, lung cancer, ILD’s, etc. And my current spirometry results show “stunning” improvement per my pulmo. So he remains adamant in his asthma diagnosis.

Now he agrees that I likely had severe Covid late last year and the asthma is my gift that keeps on giving from Covid. He also says that at this point it really doesn’t matter what triggered my asthma (Covid or whatever) because my lungs are fundamentally fine and suggests that it’s pointless to dwell on what might have caused this. Anyway, my asthma is seemingly improving, very slowly, over time … I have a few good days, and then a bad one where my chest tightens-up, breathing feels labored, and I produce sticky, white phlegm (annoying and tiring). Has anyone else received an asthma diagnosis post-Covid, and if so … do you see it improving over time?

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Hello! Yes, I had significant chest pain and shortness of breath 24/7 after COVID (June 2020). I was diagnosed with asthma one year post COVID (June 2021) and began using inhalers with good results. Diagnosis was revised to reactive airways at 18 months post COVID, but treatment is the same.
My asthma/reactive airways symptoms improved the first 2 months after beginning inhalers, but no further improvement has occurred in the last 6 months. I still require both the maintenance and rescue inhalers every day. I also have good days and then days with tons of phlegm and slight cough. Wondering why the phlegm increases. Anyone have any thoughts on that?

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Could phlegm be from post nasal drip? When I use my Rx nasal spray that helps cut down the phlegm.


I have taken it routinely for over 30 years.

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Ok, I was wondering I have been taking the 1200’s for about 3-4 weeks now. And 600’s for 2 weeks last month. I bought both style breathing devices you suggested. I can’t wait to try them. I have some very stubborn mucus in there and it’s driving me bonkers along with shortness of breath. I am feeling a little stronger physically the last week or two but can’t shake this lung congestion. I describe it to people like having a scratched eyeball as far as it being a continuous and agonizing feeling.


Recoverying from Covid and Had infusion [ast week , still SOB and csome cough but doing better at least not in the hospital or ventilator Keep on plugging away

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Sob will go away at least every one who has this did leave cough left. Wish taste would return good luck. Sounds like your on your road to recovery.Ellen


I was in the hospital for 3 weeks with covid pneumonia, I came home with oxygen, after weening off the oxygen during the day, I noticed more severe problems with my asthma that I never had before, I wasn’t sure if it was allergies due to the season or post covid, my pulmonologist said its post covid, I use my rescue inhaler about every 3-4 hours as well as Flovent twice a day. If I don’t use my rescue inhaler I can’t talk without coughing.

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