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Welcome to the Neuropathy group.
This is a welcoming, safe place where you can meet other people who are dealing with neuropathy. Let’s learn from each other and share stories about living well with neuropathy, coping with the challenges and offering tips.

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Hi I’m Cathy and 57 Years of age. I’ve been told I have peripheral neuropathy of which I sincerely believe is wrong. I had diabetes for a few years never out of control, always borderline. I instead believe I got it from the drug levaquin I received in the hospital for pneumonia. It started as soon as I got out of the hospital. Needless to say I have it.i can’t get rid of it and I need to learn to live with it. Which is why I’m here. I think I’m going bonkers I’m in so much pain. Started in my toes then whole feet and almost to my knees. Started in my fingers up my both sides now. I believe it will kill me. That’s all.