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5 hours ago · Age 65 and Good Health: Can I get my own groceries? in COVID-19

@lioness and @colleenyoung all of our local area small and large grocery stores have the large plastic barriers to protect the cashiers and customers. I also saw them at Costco.

9 hours ago · Visual Escapes and Daily Inspirations: Share Yours in COVID-19

Amen! @fiesty76 – love them furry critters 🙂

12 hours ago · 62 years old, living alone and I have COVID-19, no family or friends in COVID-19

@potterylady, I like the member name you chose. It gave me a visual picture – I can see you spinning a pottery wheel and shaping clay into something beautiful 🙂 Another thought I had depending on where you live there may be a social services type organization that helps deliver necessities and groceries to folks that are shut in. Have you tried to call any local government offices to see if there may be someone close that can call to check on you and possibly pickup necessities and groceries when needed?

13 hours ago · How are you getting together with others virtually? Zoom etc. in COVID-19

@sueinmn — Zoom has a video camera icon in the lower left menu bar. It let me access the settings and choose a virtual background.
I think these instructions will work when video is enabled.


14 hours ago · Visual Escapes and Daily Inspirations: Share Yours in COVID-19

@merpreb — I like black cats too. It's hard to believe how different cultures used to treat them.

14 hours ago · Visual Escapes and Daily Inspirations: Share Yours in COVID-19

My 3 are not friends and enforce their social distancing except the new comer who is the kid on the block. My oldest cat around 15 years or so rules and she doesn't have claws but she has a really mean hiss. The other two have claws. The second in command doesn't like anyone. She will sit on my lap once in awhile and let me pet her but she is one that can purr for you and turn around and nip you in a heartbeat when she is done letting you pet her. The new kid on the block is what I call rolling thunder. She chase number 2 all around the house and looks for opportunities for sneak attacks. The old one stays upstairs in her house in the entry closet all day and sleeps with us downstairs at night. The new kid has the downstairs for her domain and number 2 has the upstairs living room for her primary domain. Of course they all come around at feeding time in the early morning and late afternoon. They each have a different location for feeding to keep the peace.

14 hours ago · Weird Emails from Mayoclinic Connect? in COVID-19

@zeiracorp, what you are showing are the mail server domain names. Normally they don't show unless your email program is not showing the Sender description which should be Mayo Clinic Connect. Yours is just showing the sender email address which includes the "@…" domain name. If you expand the field do you see Mayo Clinic Connect to the left of the sender email address?