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13 hours ago · Celiac Disease (refractory type) in Digestive Health

@barb2025 — I'm not sure I can answer that but I'm pretty sure if you asked your doctor they would give you the specifics.

13 hours ago · Netflix series! in Neuropathy

Hi Terry @terrydclaar, I posted my story and how I found the supplements I take along with some caveats earlier on Connect here: https://connect.mayoclinic.org/discussion/anyone-here-dealing-with-peripheral-neuropathy/?pg=42#comment-65985. All of the supplements I take I order through the links on the closed Facebook groups website – http://solutions2pnpd.com/products/. The Facebook group link is http://www.facebook.com/groups/spnpd. For omega 3/6 oils it's both plant and fish. I take 4 tsp of Carlson LIQUID Fish Oil (800 EPA/500 DHA) – 2 tsps in the morning & evening. The plant based is 1-1/2 oz daily in the morning of Manitoba Harvest Organic Hemp Seed Oil (2000 mg Omega-3, 8000 mg Omega-6).

If you are interested in trying the supplements I would recomment joining the closed Facebook group. The have a lot of files on the different supplements and you can search the group for topics on questions you may have.

Hope this helps! John

13 hours ago · Celiac Disease (refractory type) in Digestive Health

@barb2025 – Mayo Clinic has some information on the diagnosis and treatment for Celiac disease here that explains how it's diagnosed.


18 hours ago · Interstitial Cystitis - I would like to connect with others in Autoimmune Diseases

@hellobeth have you found a urologist in Los Angeles that treats IC yet?

Here is a site that may help you locate an IC specialist if you have not already found one.

1 day ago · Arachnoiditis in Spine Health

@joanmahon – I found a link to the Burton Report on The Anatomy of Adhesive Arachnoiditis and thought I would share it here: https://www.burtonreport.com/InfSpine/AdhesArachAnatomy.htm

The Burton report was included as a link on Arachnoiditis topic resource page on the Christopher and Dana Reeve Foundation website (https://www.christopherreeve.org/). The resource page has links to other sources of information for Arachnoiditis.

1 day ago · Polymyalgia rheumatica in Autoimmune Diseases

Hi @igolf, Hopefully the SED rate drops when you have the next test done!

1 day ago · Arachnoiditis in Spine Health

I've never tried to fax any information to Dr. Tennant but maybe it was not received on their end or got lost in the shuffle of paperwork? Understandable to be upset and disappointed. You might try faxing it again.

3 days ago · pain and discouragement in Depression & Anxiety

@kimspr3 I want to thank you for the private message. You really did make my day with your more than glass half full attitude. When I'm in pain and not feeling good it's hard for me to be around family or friends. So when I received your private message with…"Do you have friends and family to visit, laugh with ETC. I seldom am around people but when I am it's like pain medication." it gave me warm fuzzies because I had a few times that I could look back on and put myself in that situation. A positive attitude may not cure us but I really think it helps get us on a road to feeling better.

Have I shared Dr. Amit Sood's website with you? It is my goto site when I need to get myself in a better frame of mind. There are a lot of short videos that not only teach but get you feeling better.

Hoping for a pain free day for all…