Living Life after your Transplant

Posted by Rosemary, Volunteer Mentor @rosemarya, Jul 4, 2016

I would like to ask you to share ideas about how you ‘live’ after your transplant. For example: hand washing and germ prevention, eating out; attending public events; daily medicine reminder……Practical living; not the medical things. I would like to share an idea for hand shakes.

I am 7 years out from my transplant and I have had some time to implement some healthy practices that work for me. I have also been fortunate to have the support and directives from my post transplant team at Mayo Clinic as well as working as a volunteer with my local organ donor association.
Last week I met a woman, a liver recipient, at an organ donor event. When we were introduced, she reached out to shake my hand. She was 9 years post transplant. She was both surprised and pleased that I did not extend my right hand to shake hers. Instead, I used the American Sign Language hand sigh for ‘Peace’ . She had been struggling for a long time with this awkward situation.

PEACE: Place the right flat hand on the left flat hand at chest level; then place the left on the right. Now move both flat hands down and to the sides with palms down. Pass from one position to another smoothly and continuously.

I hope this helps you as it helped her. Rosemary


@rosemarya @coastalgirl @2011panc @bsox1901 @contentandwell @linda59 @dave12 @peterm53 @ca426 @ca426 Did you know that your words have helped many?

What started out as a discussion in the Transplant Group was transformed into this blog post:
> Top Transplant Hacks: Patients Share Their Best Tips and Tricks

A conversation of thousands of words was organized into a concise, very practical list of tips. Tips by recipients for recipients (and their supporters).

But your wisdom didn't stop there. Look at the video the writers and producers of the Mayo Clinic app made to get your tips in front of many more.

This video is shared with hundreds if not thousand of patients via the Mayo Clinic app and was also uploaded to Mayo's YouTube channel here

Many thangs to all who took part.
Enjoy it. Be proud of it. Share it.

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Thanks for sharing this. It is really neat!
I could never have imagined that this would be the outcome of a supportive conversation between friends.

Great teamwork everybody!


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