Lichen Schermosis

Posted by allenkaye @allenkaye, Apr 21, 2012

Has anyone else been diagnosed with this disease? Not sure if this is spelled right. but it’s close………please write back if you are interested.

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Yes I have it. It is in my genital area, is yours?


Yes i am I 43 and i was just diagnosed with it last month(genital area) although I’ve had it for about 2yrs and didnt go to dr because i didnt know what it was and well i was scared to find out. I have the same steroid cream and im down to twice a week now instead of every day use. It helped tremendously witb pain burning itch. Howver the discoloration may never go away per the dr. I am just afraid of the white patches turning into scar tissue and then becoming cancerous which is in most articles..


Yes. It s lichen schlerosis

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