Contact Dermatitis after surgical procedures

Posted by stellgma @stellgma, Dec 22, 2018

My husband has had several orthopedic surgeries (4 shoulder, 3 carpal tunnel and a knee) and ever since the 2nd surgery he blisters very badly. He’s had the whole skin patch testing done, but nothing showed a reaction. Nothing for tape, gauze, cleansers, etc. Has anybody ever had this happen? I’m attaching a picture of what happened after surgery this past Wednesday. The blisters always start onday 2. He’s on a double dose of prednisone which calms the blistering and rash down. He had 2 skin biopsies done yesterday but not sure if they will give us any answers. Thank you.

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Since this starts for him on day 2 I would have recommended patch testing, as I am severely allergic to adhesives, and have blistered up from liquid bandage after surgery's by the second day. Yet he has been checked for adhesives. I am also allergic to preservatives, which ones was he checked for. How many patch test sites did he have? My test included 78.

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