Lapse in recent memory

Posted by naturalblondeone @naturalblondeone, Apr 30, 2023

I have had long Covid since October 2022. So last night I was watching a TV series episode that I thought was a new episode. About half way into the episode I started getting feelings of “ remembering that scene”. Long story short it turns out I had watched the episode less than a week ago. I completely forgot watching it, and the first half of the episode, which was about an hour long I had no memory of, the second part, bits and pieces I remember. I am very scared now. It was like I blacked out that whole half hour or so and it was less than a week ago. This is a new symptom on top of my many other symptoms. Anyone else have similar issues?

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Thank you. Do you find it reduces fatigue/post-exertional malaise as well?

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I want to reply to this answer again I do think it has reduced fatigue and post-exertion malaise. Thinking back I have less crash days where I'm so crashed out I can barely keep my eyes open and everything looks White. I still have to function as a single parent so I'm awake for it. I haven't had what I call crash white out day for about 2 and 1/2 3 weeks and I've been on LDN for about a month or less slowly titrating from 0.5 mg I think I got up to 2.5 mg which I know is fast for a lot of people until I ran out so I'm waiting for my new order. I was taking the capsules with cellulose I decided to go for the liquid to see if the cellulose was causing some of the heavy sweating all day hot flashes and cold flashes


God Bless You All! I had a rough case of Covid last year and my memory was not good for quite a while. In mid sentence, I couldn't even think of the word I was going to say. I just told folks I had "Covid Brain". It has gotten so much better. Hang in there precious folks! Praying for you all!

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