Kneeling with artificial knee

Posted by ellerbracke @ellerbracke, Dec 7, 2018

I have touched on this in other messages, but not in a focused manner. As an avid gardener, kneeling is essential for me. Almost 3 months after TKR, things are generally going very well. I have forced myself to get used to the weird, “ball bearing/metal” feeling in the knee by not avoiding, but embracing times when it can be pushed/bumped against surfaces (soft, like side of mattress while making bed, hard, as in kitchen cabinet doors while cooking), and I sense a semi-acceptance of the odd sensation. I know many/most people simply don’t do it or can’t do it… I’m looking for those who are as stubborn as I am and want to find out how you managed to ultimately feel normal-ish.

question on stem cells. After so many problems with tkr i tried stem cells. I did my homework. Be careful who you deal with, as it is the wild west out there. I first learned about stem cells from the Mayo Clinic and then found a local Dr who i trust who deals with and was trained by Regenexx. I checked Regenexx web site and notice their research. It was an option for me and i took it. Yes, it is expensive but after the initial procedure of taking stem cells from the hio and mixing it my blood i followed the instructions and laid around a few weeks. No pain pills etc. I was advised to give up tennis, which i did, and went back to golf. I have had PRP injected this last year which seems to take care of the arthritis. To be honest it has worked for me. I no longer wear the brace that i wore when i started the program. I love biking and when the weather is right, bike 10-15 miles a day . If you are thinking about it do your homework. Their are doctors, nurses, chiropractors etc out there doing stem cells for a good fee. Many Drs hold seminars and use stem cells that they purchase. Why would you want a babys cells in your body? Plus most times the cells are dead. My advice is to do your homework, check Mayo Clinic for their clips on stem cells and arthritis etc and Regenexx. I have noticed Regenexx published a list of insurance companies now paying for it to be done. I have seen this in Toledo.
Good luck, don't expect miracles. It takes time but it sure beats the alternative.

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