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ellerbracke (@ellerbracke)

Kneeling with artificial knee

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@ellerbracke…….. I had my knee replaced a few years ago…….. So now if I have to kneel down I use a pillow for my knee and then getting up is a challenge…….. But if I remember this advice they gave me it works. Go down on your bad knee. I go slow, and then when its time to get up …. go up on your good knee….. which you have more strength in. Don't know if this works for everyone but when I absolutely have to bend down, I do and usually no pain in my knee. Best of luck to you all and please do the exercises before and after surgery…….. It helps a lot'

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@ellerbracke @sakota When I have to get down on the floor to kneel or anything I actually straighten my legs behind me and push myself up with my arms. It works well for me. I find it less uncomfortable than trying to stand from the kneeling position.