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Kneeling with artificial knee

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Hi @chigirl, I think you might not be alone. I think the recommendation by the surgeons after a knee replacement is no more kneeling down. I don't do much kneeling but there are times when I need to so I bought some really good kneepads for outside and I also use them in the house if I have to kneel down. I've used them once since I had my right knee replaced in April and they did cushion the knee where I didn't feel too different than normal and it wasn't painful.

Have you thought about getting some kneepads?

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@JustinMcClanahan, @johnbishop, @chigirl : Initially I was gung-ho to find a way to kneel normally. Not happening. Yes, I can easily kneel on the TKR knee without support by hands as long as I keep the weight mostly on the tibia, not the knee cap itself, and don’t lean forward. I can even lean forward if I add some support with my hands. However, both versions don’t give me back my former ability to easily scrub floors behind the commode, or reach across a flower bed to pull weeds, or dust the lower shelf of deep bookcases, for example. So I’ve adopted Justin’s “proposal” position, limiting as it is. I do have knee pads, but most activities involving getting down on knees are quick up-down movements, kneeling for perhaps 30 seconds, then back up, moving on, down again. For that kneepads to me are bothersome. For now I’ve been working on strengthening my abs and back, so I can get away with doing some chores bent at the waist instead of kneeling, and keep that up for 1/2 to 3/4 of an hour. Poor substitute, but what can one do!?

I hadn't thought of kneepads before your previous post. Thanks for putting in a link. I just may get those for the odd kneeling at home moments.🙂