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Jock Itch Expert Needed

Posted by @dt78 in Men's Health, Jul 30, 2013

Id apreciate anyones thoughts on this if they have time.

I think I have a severe case of Jock Itch and looking for expert help on what to try next as its having a serious mental affect on me. I have had it for 6 weeks, I have now stopped playing all sport and do not even want to leave the room.

Try to cut this short,

6 weeks ago, small heat rash, had protected sex but girl told me she got some kind of yeast problem.

My rash developed into a ring around my scrotum and some on the foreskin.

I tried Canesten duo Fluconazole and Clotrimazole. 2 weeks, just rash relief.

My doctor then prescribed Miconazole 2 weeks, again just rash relief.

I am now trying terbinafine for a few days and still no change.

I also noticed a rash spead incredibly quickly this morning around my foreskin bright red patches, having a slight effect where i pass urine.

My scrotum has also gone very tough, hardish, describe as type of lizard skin or something!!

The itch is incredibly severe, i put the cream on at night but by 4am I have to get up. It is so bad. I try to keep the area as try as possible, and wash towels daily. I also have been using Appel Cider Vinegar.

What else can I do, I fear I will now lose my Gf, and friends, and never be back in sport. Are there any experts out there.

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Posted by @dezi, Aug 8, 2013

Hopefully, you've already had yourself tested for STDs and that can be ruled out. If not, I recommend you do so ASAP.

Eating yogurt or taking probiotics supplements may help balance your intestinal flora, which my understanding can help control yeast.

To compliment that, you could try using an antimicrobial undergarment such as this one, which just happens to be designed specifically for that part of the male body:

Should you decide to try any of these suggestions, please follow-up and let us know if/how they worked.

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