Ischemia trial pros and cons

Posted by tusu @tusu, Mar 7, 2022

As you are aware ischemia trial was published in end of 2019 and it proved high ischemia or high CAD treatment with medicines is as good as surgery. I have very high cac 4650(tested in dec 20) high ischemia >10% in LAD and 100% block in LAD. I am following medications and so far it is good. Any other experience here?

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What I’d LAD? Thank you.


Do you have symptoms ? What is your cardiologist suggesting?


For reference: The ISCHEMIA trial (ischemia means not enough oxygen is getting to the heart muscle), a new study reported at November’s American Heart Association meeting, provides some answers. This study suggests that for most, managing CAD with medications alone (the conservative approach) is as safe and effective as the more invasive strategy of cardiac catheterization and opening of the blocked artery.).
In December 2021 I had angiogram which showed 70%-80% blockage in LAD (they make estimates in 10% segments) . A stent was not placed and I am on medication instead because the antiplatelet treatment required with stent would not allow me to do surgery for lung cancer. I am fine on medication. I did not have much chest pain to start with anyway. My question now is what problem does the stent solve vs. medication (and generic drugs at that!)? I would like to see the decision logic on when to place a stent.

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