Irregular Period, Tender Breasts, Vaginal Spotting

Posted by villegasmm @villegasmm, May 16, 2020

My last normal period was in February, after I didn't get my period in March and got it April 12th but it was very light and spotty and with many little clots. Then I got it again a week and a half later on April 30th and it was again the same very light flow, spotty it almost looked brownish and once again a week I have it on May 15th with the same spotty brownish discharge. My breasts have been tender since April 12th. I have ruled out pregnancy because I have not been sexually active within that time period. I also experience light cramps when the period begins. Each one has lasted on average about 5 days. Within a month's time I've had my period 3 times. I am concerned.
Any advice would be great. Thank you.

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@villegasmm I have read your post you dont say how old you are but sounds like your young. I would difinitely make an appt with your gyn . This isnt normal there maybe something else going on .


Hello @villegasmm and welcome to Mayo Clinic Connect. I read your post about irregular periods, tender breasts and vaginal spotting, thank you for sharing. I would like to bring in @merpreb @astaingegerdm as they have shared their experiences in Women’s Health.

I did find these on the web, and it might help:

Vaginal bleeding, when to see a doctor:

Menstrual cycle: what’s normal, what’s not

U of MI, Health Library on vaginal bleeding:

If you are concerned, you might think about connecting with your provider and discussing your symptoms. Can you tell us any more about yourself? Are you experiencing any other symptoms?


@villegasmm– I'd also like to welcome you to Mayo Connect. I remember missed, and irregular periods. What a pain they were emotional. Always wondering whether I could be pregnant or not. The older I got I had to toss it up to perimenopause.
Other than cramps do you have any other pain, anywhere in your abdomen? Are you old enough to have perimenopause? Have you considered a second pregnancy test? Have you called your ob-gyn?


I would check into information about uterine fibroids. When I had them it caused pain and bleeding. Can be diagnosed with ultra sound and/or laparoscopy with obgyn

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