Diagnosed with IPF, COPD, and maybe MAC too

Posted by steve1948 @steve1948, Feb 25, 2017

I've been following posts on IPF primarily although I have also been diagnosed with COPD, and bronchiectasis. I have been reading about people having MAC and decided to do a little research on it. There is a lot out there on it and I would suggest starting with maclungdisease.org
I show only a couple of symptoms of it, however my coughing and sputum symptoms are quite prevalent with my personal condition. I've brought this to the attention of my Pulmonologist at the Cleveland Clinic to see what he thinks, as we both are wondering why I cough the way I do. I am waiting for his reply to see how we might go forward with this new information.

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We look forward to hearing what you find out from your pulmonologist, Steve.

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