Intermittent fecal/sulfur breath odor

Posted by pbleonar @pbleonar, Jun 8, 2017

After scouring the web, I’m certain I’m not the only person with this problem, and not the only person who’s been told they were imagining it. Anyway, the issue is I have intermittent odors when I talk (yes, I’ve been to the dentist 10+ times– all say my oral hygiene is on point and xrays and inspections showed nothing). The only time it’s practically non-existent is when I eat an unhealthily low-carb diet. Like others online, I’ve had CT scans, Barium swallows, endosocopy/colonoscopy, screening for parasites (getting one more from an IDS before crossing that off my list). All showed up negative. I tested positive for SIBO, but after researching that for the past 3 years, I’m certain SIBO is more of a symptom than a primary causal problem. Furthermore, even when I treated SIBO with heavy antibiotics, it did absolutely nothing for my breath– and yes I was cleared of SIBO after a couple rounds of work. yet, the moment I eat carbs, I still get a “did someone just s*it themselves?” comment.

I guess what I’m getting at is I’m tired of doctors just saying it’s IBS and SIBO and then proceeding to do zero investigating afterwards. I want to get down to the root cause of this, but most doctors are either too apathetic or too incompetent to do anything. Are there any researchers who specialize in studying and diagnosing hard to find problems in the GI tract? Between the 3 GI docs, 2 ENTs, 2 NDs and 1 IDS, I just can’t take normal doctors anymore. I want my life back and I want a specific root cause so I can work on progressing from there.

Further notes: Diarrhea actually cleared up when I ate junk food and I had zero bloating, albeit the odor remained.

Xifaxan and neomycin did nothing for the odor, nor did the elemental diet. I actually think the elemental diet made the smell as bad or
worse than before.

*******Nitazoxanide********** worked wonders for the month I was on it. Solid stools even with foods that normally cause my ibs to flare up.
It’s exactly the reason I felt there was more going on to everything than just SIBO and IBS.

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Anybody have any more ideas relating to this bad breath thing coming from sibo


I do not know anything about zinc except that I am taking it & I have so bad reactions to it. I mentioned oil of oregano & grapefruit seed oil as they may kill of the underlying cause of your symptoms. You should go to a health store or natural path dr. & explain what is happening to you. They will help kill off – not mask symptoms. I can not use bone broth, biotin or any bone formulas as I have severe reactions to all of them as I have a gene mutation keeping me from making protein from beef, buffalo, etc. I'm sorry I can not help on what you mentioned about zinc & bone formula. I really think you might have a parasite or fungal infection that could be causing all your health issues as you drank contaminated water. Or maybe you had a open wound when you were in the water or it got in through your sinuses. There are so many unanswered & unaddressed issues like these by doctors that just do not care or will not take the time to understand.

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Did you get it fix now and what did they prescribe you?I'm going through the same thing I think I got it from contaminated food and water


Did you figure out the cause and treatment and are you okay


I double/triple-checked OP's post to make sure I hadn't posted it myself and forgotten about it. The OP's post describes my symptoms and frustration with this problem to a T. I've been dealing with this mystery condition for 14 years. I have been to ENTs, dentists, and GI doctors and nothing has ever come close to a diagnosis, much less a cure. When I told a GI doctor, with much humiliation, about this problem, she dismissed me with, "that's not important to me." Fine, but it's sure as hell important to me!

With respect to the replies here, one of the most frustrating part is the most common responses revolving around halitosis. But it's not halitosis as we know it. It's not eating a garlic burger or neglecting dental hygiene. Of course, I have halitosis when I don't brush my teeth or eating 10 garlic pieces. No, what is perplexing is that I will be talking to someone normally and for long periods, everything is fine and then all of the sudden, the person will jerk back. And I know it's a fart breath has wafted out. That's as plainly as I can describe it. Sometimes I can smell it and sometimes I can't. When I do, I can't believe how foul it is. And it happens when I'm not talking or doing anything so that's why I don't think it's oral and that it is further down. As the OP posted, it is intermittent fecal/sulfur breath and it pops up randomly. It has destroyed my self esteem and greatly affected my social life and career. It's horrible to hear people ask if someone shat. The most recent example was a guy saying, "it smells like gas here, I'm moving away" while I was in a group conversation.

Done all the GI tests, taken all the acid reflux meds, done all the ENT sprays, tried every mineral and supplement, acupuncture, chinese medicine, etc. Everything under the sun. Everything that has listed here in the replies and yet, this problem persists. It's been 14 years and I miss that outgoing, intrepid person I used to be. Now I stay at a job I hate mainly because I can work from home. I want to look for a new job but dread going out there for interviews and having this issue pop up. It's intermittent and it happens throughout everyday.


Have you tried oil of oregano & grapefruit seed oil? They are super potent may kill off what is causing your issue. I had digestion issue go down from about 100% to 5%. It took about 2 months but really helped me a lot. Also, pre & probiotics helped a lot. Have you seen a functional med dr? If not they are worth seeing. I thought I was going to die & all these specialist doctors did NOTHING for me. I am doing really well because of natural remedies – I can not stress enough about all the above. Good luck.


Sorry, but I've gone off the natural supplements train–bought and tried everything for years. All I ended up with was a cabinet full of bottles. Sure the traditional doctors haven't done much, but neither have the natural remedies.


Did you get it fix now and what did they prescribe you?I'm going through the same thing I think I got it from contaminated food and water

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OP here. I requested that my old profile reset it's password and this junk site failed at that, too.

Have I found a permanent cure? No. Do I control it for now? Yes. I survive on a very limited scd diet. Lots of meat, green veggies,, honey, navy beans, apples and bananas. They're like 99% of my food intake. I take enzymes with each meal. I rotate on herbal anti microbials every two weeks: allicin, oregano oil, caprylic acid, golden seal and ginger root. I still get normal stale breath when I'm hungry, but otherwise I've been in the clear– for now.

I'm still firmly against most naturopaths. Some are decent, most are cons. They can't fix SIBO or oral dysbiosis. No one can until you get to the root cause– and they are myriad.

I've read a great deal on the effect of oral microbiota on the gastrointestinal tracts of mice. It's an interesting read and insightful.

Parasites are possible. Apparently the tests to find them are flawed.

I did do a deployment to Central America, which is curious considering how many people in this comment section did as well. I got very sick there, peed out of my rear, threw up, and was out for three days with no food and little water. I bounced back but was never the same.

I doubt seriously that it's a viral or bacterial infection. They typically don't last years, according to my one microbiology major friend. And if they do, you're nearing your grave.

I'm going at this again. It is solvable, I just haven't found the answer yet. The way I figure it is that the body doesn't develop dysbiosis in any given region, in young mechanically healthy people unless some thing is throwing it off. The answer, I think, is in finding the root cause. I'm going to an ENT, gastro, and IDS again to test for rarer things. This thing isn't something obvious, and it's going to take some digging to find.

Good luck to yall and if anyone figures it out, post that $#!t.


I also experienced bad breath for a long time, maybe 6-7 years. now I'm still trying to try to find the cause. It could be that SIBO is the cause of this Bad Breath.

please share if you have experience about BB



Hi am new here. But I completely understand what everyone is going through. I have had this problem for over 20 years. I also have been to countless doctors and had colonoscopy, endoscopy, ent has done a cyst scan , I have been to several dentist. One doctor says it is dental and the dentist says it is sinus. Ent says they don’t see anything that can be causing the problem. My breath smells like poop. Even when breathing through my nose people can smell it. When I walk into a room people start to sneeze and cough. I know sugar and carbs makes it worst. I have soooo much gas and I burp a lot. I think the gas gets trapped in my body and starts to eliminate through my pores and lungs. I had real bad lower abdomen pain below my navel for years off and on. I thought it was vaginal pain. My obgyn ordered a vaginal ultrasound and she said it was gas. I was so shocked at just how long it had been there. So I recently had another episode with bad pain in my lower abdomen and lower back. Doctors could not find anything. My obgyn said the same nothing. So two nights ago I started to pas excessive amounts of gas and I started to burp a lot. So I had a flash back and remembered when the first time and was told that it was gas. So the only thing I can come up with is that gas is trapped in the body and comes out in the lungs. But how do I resolve this problem because it has been going on for years. I also have a white coating on my tongue. Sorry for such a long post. I will post any new information that I find. Oh yeah when my obgyn told me that the ultrasound showed excessive gas in my abdomen she told me to take probiotics which I started but couldn’t tell a difference. What I will try is giving myself an enema first. I want to clean out my system. Then start a healthy diet with probiotics and digestive enzymes. I think dehydration is an issue as well. I notice a difference in how I feel when I sip on pedialyte. I will keep you guys posted. Good luck!!👍🏿


Please try oil of oregano, grapefruit seed oil, zymex ll & make sure to take probiotic on empty stomach right before bed. I can't stress enough how much these could help you. If you see a functional med dr or natural path dr they probably really can help you.

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