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Intermittent fecal/sulfur breath odor

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Did you get it fix now and what did they prescribe you?I'm going through the same thing I think I got it from contaminated food and water

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OP here. I requested that my old profile reset it's password and this junk site failed at that, too.

Have I found a permanent cure? No. Do I control it for now? Yes. I survive on a very limited scd diet. Lots of meat, green veggies,, honey, navy beans, apples and bananas. They're like 99% of my food intake. I take enzymes with each meal. I rotate on herbal anti microbials every two weeks: allicin, oregano oil, caprylic acid, golden seal and ginger root. I still get normal stale breath when I'm hungry, but otherwise I've been in the clear-- for now.

I'm still firmly against most naturopaths. Some are decent, most are cons. They can't fix SIBO or oral dysbiosis. No one can until you get to the root cause-- and they are myriad.

I've read a great deal on the effect of oral microbiota on the gastrointestinal tracts of mice. It's an interesting read and insightful.

Parasites are possible. Apparently the tests to find them are flawed.

I did do a deployment to Central America, which is curious considering how many people in this comment section did as well. I got very sick there, peed out of my rear, threw up, and was out for three days with no food and little water. I bounced back but was never the same.

I doubt seriously that it's a viral or bacterial infection. They typically don't last years, according to my one microbiology major friend. And if they do, you're nearing your grave.

I'm going at this again. It is solvable, I just haven't found the answer yet. The way I figure it is that the body doesn't develop dysbiosis in any given region, in young mechanically healthy people unless some thing is throwing it off. The answer, I think, is in finding the root cause. I'm going to an ENT, gastro, and IDS again to test for rarer things. This thing isn't something obvious, and it's going to take some digging to find.

Good luck to yall and if anyone figures it out, post that $#!t.