Anyone been successfully treated for intermittent explosive disorder?

Posted by Kathy K @kathyk1, Nov 2, 2011

Has anyone out there been successfully treated for intermittent explosive disorder? I have a 37 year old, mentally impaired son who has this disorder along with Dandy Walker Syndrome, and other mental health issues. Please tell me your successes or failures. I need to learn more quickly!

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if you are confrontational, it will bring it on. if you are stressed or tired, say nothing, pick up a book, if you are in that environment, and read. if he talks to you, respond with one word friendly lowtone responses. e.g., sure, yes, great,. make sure you read and it takes the stress away from you and how you are going to handle a situation. get a tea for yourself as you are reading. he sees you have another life of your own and this gives a message that you trust him to do his own thing. i know someone similar and when i can be calm enough to do this approach, it always works. she amazes me, she does all kinds of little chores around the house, albeit, i have to do them over again, but the benefit of it is that this autonomy has totally relaxed her. i never criticize what she has done, just give her a hug and thank her for each and every job i’ve recognized she did.


sorrry, but i’m not familiar with dandy walker syndrome, could you tell me about it.


Hi, @kathyk1 – thinking of you and your son you mentioned has intermittent explosive disorder. How is he doing? How are you doing lately?

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