Posted by sanajaved @sanajaved, Oct 2, 2021

my friend had a intercourse first time and after that she won't stops bleeding …what is the cause of this?

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Hello and welcome to Mayo Clinic Connect. Your friend had her first sexual intercourse and now she’s experiencing some bleeding. Actually that’s very common/normal for the first time. Though generally there’s not great deal of blood and doesn’t last long.

When you say it’s not stopping what do you mean? How long has the bleeding continued? Is it a great amount or only blood tinged tissue paper after urination?

I found a good article that explains what happens during the first intercourse and what causes the bleeding. It should ease your friend’s mind. However, if the bleeding continues or she experiences pain, fever and ill feeling, she should seek medical attention.
Is it possible that her monthly period is now coinciding with her first intercourse?

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