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Posted by @jacks in Just Want to Talk, Nov 1, 2011

My wife and I were Mayo/AZ patients for almost 15years and had several doctors there who knew were second to none that we had ever been able to find. My wife's life expectancy depends on one of them, uniquely.

Mayo abruptly discontinued accepting our Motorola/Freescale health insurance leaving us, in our later years with no doctors, other than a family whom we could turn.

Mayo refuses cash payment and will not permit my wife to contact her critical doctor at the clinic. She is I'll and we know of nobody else to whom we can turn.

We wonder if anyone on the list may have found a solution to a similar dilemma?

Thank you -- Jack

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Posted by @poppop, Nov 7, 2011

what sicknesses do you all have. Check on line for specialists who treat them and if they take your insurance.

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