Infant eczema

Posted by zewy05 @zewy05, Jul 26, 2019

My 6month old is battling bad eczema and have tried numerous lotions and oils. Also bleach bath. Nothing is working. Ideas? He’s forumla only as well

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This might seem VERY strange.
When my son was a baby (my baby turns 40), he had an undiagnosed skin condition on his buttocks.
NOTHING worked and he was in pain.
Step in Grandma.
She stripped him down, put him on his belly (in his carriage), took him into the kitchen and turned on the stove.
It was a gas stove.
Within a relatively short amount of time, the rash was GONE!
I did it again several times when his poor baby bottom was sore and he couldn't turn over.

Ronnie (GRANDMAr)🤗


It is tough to see your baby suffer and nothing is working. It’s good he is only on formula still- otherwise it would be hard to eliminate foods. Is he on milk based formula or a hypoallergenic formula? What does the Pediatrician say?


Hi @zewy05 from personal experience it can be awful seeing your child have a skin condition that you are unable to treat successfully. You mentioned you have tried numerous lotions and oils? Do you mind sharing some? With my kiddo, we have used vaniply lotion every night and then their doctor prescribed hydrocortisone cream to use with specific spots. We also asked if allergies could be exacerbating the eczema, as my kiddo was constantly congested, so allergy medication has been helpful as well. What has your doctor told you?

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