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Posted by tomkrush @tomkrush, Tue, Oct 22 10:16am

Last month when my GFR dropped to 22 my Nephrologist sent a referral to Mayo Arizona to begin preparation for a preemptive kidney transplant. Last week my GFR dropped to 20 and new blood work this week once again showed 20 which I believe Mayo is in receipt of.
I am very blessed to have a number of family members who are willing to be tested as donors. How long does it take before I can begin my testing and the testing of my donors? My GFR is dropping quickly and I do not want to begin dialysis.

@tomkrush It is never an easy situation to be in, as you consider dialysis and kidney transplant options. My suggestion is to start with your nephrologist, find out for sure that you have been referred to Mayo in AZ. Each transplant center seems to have their own criteria for transplant whether it is live donor or cadaver. They will be the best ones to answer your question. Also check with your doctor to see if you are going to be listed on a transplant list, as typically that starts at 20%. Sometimes the process for testing takes a while, and while you may have friends or family that are willing to step up and donate, they may be precluded by their own medical conditions. I think it is wonderful that you have those who have expressed that desire, to donate to you, don't you? I hope that you will post and let us know how the procedures go. How are you feeling right now? Sometimes we do have to go on dialysis before a transplant, and that is certainly not the end of the world! It would be good for you to get educated on the different types of dialysis there are, just on the chance that you have to do that.


@tomkrush, I experienced a acute kidney failure and did undergo dialysis up until my transplant. I want to check in and ask how are you and your kidneys doing?
Will you be listed for a kidney transplant?
Here is a link to information about Living Kidney Donation in the Living Donor and Recipoent Toolkits.
Eligibility for Liver or Kidney Transplant
What questioins would you like to ask?

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