Idiopathic Nonischemic Cardiomyopathy

Posted by Majic @majic, Aug 7, 2017

The above illness is what I have been VERY recently diagnosed as having. Very, as in June 6, 2017, just 2 months ago.
I have looked though Connect for something similar, and have read re High blood pressure cardiomyopathy, but I don’t have high blood pressure.
Could you please direct me to a relevant topic page, or could a new one be started?
I’m 46, female, and have been thrown into this new medical loop directly to Stage Four, with no pre- existing conditions or symptoms.
I have a moderate to severe left ventricle enlargement, and after a week in hospital, left with a 25% ejection fraction which has not yet improved.
And just for clarification, yes, I’m 46 years old.
Sincerely, Majic

One of the marks of light chain AL Amyloidosis is AFib cardiomyopathy without hypertension. Have your doctor order a Serum Free Lite Chain test from Mayo Minnesota, or ARUP Labs in Salt Lake City. If the test shows over the reference range, Go for a complete consult with THAT Mayo, which your hematologist can deal with. Check with M A Gertz’ office in Rochester. And check out, and ALNYLAM Pharmaceuticals, and the Mayo Grand Round videos.

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