Idiopathic Nonischemic Cardiomyopathy

Posted by Majic @majic, Aug 7, 2017

The above illness is what I have been VERY recently diagnosed as having. Very, as in June 6, 2017, just 2 months ago.
I have looked though Connect for something similar, and have read re High blood pressure cardiomyopathy, but I don't have high blood pressure.
Could you please direct me to a relevant topic page, or could a new one be started?
I'm 46, female, and have been thrown into this new medical loop directly to Stage Four, with no pre- existing conditions or symptoms.
I have a moderate to severe left ventricle enlargement, and after a week in hospital, left with a 25% ejection fraction which has not yet improved.
And just for clarification, yes, I'm 46 years old.
Sincerely, Majic

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One of the marks of light chain AL Amyloidosis is AFib cardiomyopathy without hypertension. Have your doctor order a Serum Free Lite Chain test from Mayo Minnesota, or ARUP Labs in Salt Lake City. If the test shows over the reference range, Go for a complete consult with THAT Mayo, which your hematologist can deal with. Check with M A Gertz' office in Rochester. And check out, and ALNYLAM Pharmaceuticals, and the Mayo Grand Round videos.

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