Can Hashimoto's cause whole body is tingling and swollen feeling?

Posted by 2legs2 @2legs2, Jul 11, 2021

I have Hoshimotos disease. Can this cause tingling and feeling swollen in the waking hours?

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Good morning @2legs2 Welcome to Connect. We’re a group of individuals , all volunteers, who share information, resources, and tips to help each other through their health journey. We’re not doctors, bough, so we cant diagnose or prescribe. I included a link to n lready-in-progress discussion that you can read through while waiting for some members to contact you.
Is this the first time you’ve had the tingling in your body?


I get that also, notice it at night too , haven't discussed it with my doctor. The soles of my feet mostly feel like I am walking on hot sand if i take off my socks i would have develop cold feet. I also have tinnitus ‘ sizing ‘, maybe not all of the time, and mostly on my right side where i have trigeminal neuralgia pain in my jaw.


Good morning @lue and welcome to Connect. We’re a group of patients and caregivers who share information and resources about our different diseases. But were not doctors so can’t diagnose or treat. The feeling in your feet must be so uncomfortable. I have restless leg syndrome so i know what it’s like to have itchy-twitchy feet at night. I added a link to another group that is also discussing strange sensations at night. I would also suggest that you discuss the problem with your doctor to see if anything can be done about it.
Will you let me know if you learn anything?

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