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Left Ventricular Assist Device LVAD: Anyone else?

Posted by @chipmunk16666, Mar 20, 2016

I just had a lvad placed last month, i was wondering if anyone else has experience with one?i also have an icd which was turned off during surgery because the lvad runs my heart now.


Alyse Brunella

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Posted by @alysebrunella, Mar 20, 2016

Hi @chipmunk16666, and welcome to Connect. I’m searching for other members who have recently had an LVAD placed, but in the meantime I wanted to connect you with @fr0ggie who recently had an ICD implanted. I hope you both are able to share experiences, as well as provide support, tips and advice to each other.

How has the first month been with your LVAD?


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Posted by @chipmunk16666, Mar 21, 2016

I have an icd but when they installed the lvad=heart pump they turned it off. But i can share experience about icds the lvad is new to me


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Posted by @chipmunk16666, Mar 20, 2016

I was in icu for 5 weeks then moved to a step down floor. I just got home wed. Im really sore the battery backs weigh like 10lbs that you have to be on. Its been rough cause you have to learn to walk again get up and down. It takes time to recover

Posted by @colleenyoung, Feb 22, 2017

Hi @chipmunk16666,
It’s been a year since you had the left ventricular assist device (LVAD) placed. How are you doing? What has the road to recovery been like?
We look forward to hearing from you.


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Posted by @bryans, Feb 24, 2017

I am a recent LVAD recipient, and I am looking for people that are in a similar position as me to chat with. I got the HeartMateIII, and I really struggled with my new life and how complicated it would be (things are different). This computer that I have to carry around really made me self-cautious and made me stay home because of my insecurity (does anyone else struggle with this?). My hospital made a recommendation to me, and I am so glad that they did. I was referred to the carewmedicalwear I tried many different ways to help me feel more confident, but this was well worth the money spent. I now feel a lot more comfortable in public and in cardiac rehab. As a LVAD patient, I thought it would be nice to share this for people that are like me and struggle. My hospital did say that they have a non-profit that is going to stock this LVAD vest in the hospital to give to the patients. So cool! Well, hope all of my other lvad friends are living life to the fullest and getting around the best we can. Stay Strong!

Posted by @colleenyoung, Feb 24, 2017

Hi @bryans,
Welcome. I moved your message to this existing discussion about LVAD so you can meet @chipmunk16666. Chipmunk had an LVAD placed last year.

Bryan, when did you get your LVAD?


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Posted by @buckeyegurl, Dec 10, 2017

Hi Bryan, I have a right VAD and left VAD (Bi VAD) I have a heartmate lll and a Heartware ll. I find it very difficult getting around. I have seen the vests, but I don’t think they have invented anything for Bi VADs. I seen your post was written awhile ago, so I hope you are doing well and have gotten your confidence back! Would love to chat with you!
Sincerely, Rachel

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