Cerebral Small Vessel Disease

Posted by sue60 @sue60, Apr 11, 2016

I have vascular small vessel disease that so far just has caused a severe loss of balance. I walk with a cane, but it is getting harder. Likewise exercise is not easy. I still drive short distances. I feel perfectly normal lying down and ir is so much easier to do that. The sad part is I don’t really see anything that is going to end this as otherwise I am healthy. I know there are many worse things. Does anyone else have this and how are you coping?


@keithl56 You are unnerved by the news that you have been diagnosed with chronic microvascular ischemia in the left frontal corona radiata. You are wondering what the progression of the disease is. I'd like to invite active members of the Stroke & Cerebrovascular Diseases group like @kariulrich @hopeful33250 @helenfrances @avmcbellar @oldsuzanne55 These members may be able to help answer your question.

May I ask when you will be able to speak with your provider?

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Hi @keithl56 sorry to hear of your diagnosis. Although I have not dealt with the corona radiata any part of the brain will be a difficult and slow recovery. I see your condition is chronic meaning it has been going on for a while( over 2-3 weeks) You are losing nerve cells slowly due to circulation. Has the cause been found? What have you noticed differently so far? Do you have muscle weakness or paralysis in your upper or lower limbs? It is possible for the ischemia to lead to diabetes, hypertension, or high levels of triglycerides. Have you experienced facial paralysis? It all depends on the location of the ischemia for your experiences. Be positive and find more answers to get started with your recovery. It has been 4 years since my brain bleed in my cerebellum. I am making significant progress slowly. At first I was in a wheelchair but now I walk with a cane. Hang in there. Toni


Hello @keithl56,

While I am not personally familiar with your problems, I hope that by now you have been able to speak with the doctor who ordered the MRI which showed the cyst and the chronic microvascular ischemia. Have you any more information now?

I would be interested to know if you have had any other tests or consultations scheduled. Will you post an update?

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