Antipsychotics: I have been experiencing rapid cycling for months.

Posted by hoffman @hoffman, Dec 7, 2017

Over the past months my mood has been up and down. My psychiatrist replied that I go on Seroquel, which I was on years ago as well as Zyprexa. When he suggested this, I blurted out “Absolutely not!!!!” I have been on these horrible antipsychotics much of my life. He and I have had discussions about the long term use of these. Not only that but the side effects including weight gain. When I taught school when I was 28, my psychiatrist put me on Mellaril and I gained 40 lbs that year. Years later the newer antipsychotics I took increased my weight enormously to 238 lbs. But my issue is that I have been concerned about whether these drugs have long term effects. I have been looking for a study that covers the years 1940s to present. My psychiatrist says no, and is safe. But I have read books that say on the contrary. I’m on so many medications it’s ridiculous. I’m bipolar, and have stability problems . It’s created a lonely, ghastly spending and in debt, no sex drive, no husband or children, isolated life. Yeah, they really work. I would be most grateful if there is anybody who has any information on studies that have been published by reputable doctors or researchers. I’m turning 65 next month. It’s ugly.


I'm bipolar 2 – got off Saroquel, changed to Lamictal and much better. Still take Welbutrin every AM as I did with the Saroquel but no more am brain fog and stupor. It takes a long time to get your dose of Lamictal to the effective amount and the same amount of time to wean off Saroquel but it's worth it. Prob 90-120 days of slowly shifting. I'm happy I'm off the Saroquel. I had been on it for 4 straight years and it was starting to affect my short-term memory big time and i was like a zombie til noon every day. I still take a very small dose of kratom powder each am rather than coffee because it focuses my mind without giving me anxiety or jitters like coffee.

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Hi, @mizmaui444 – I can imagine it is good to feel like less of a zombie now being off of the quetiapine (Seroquel).

I'd like to invite @hoffman and @amberpep @peach414144 @parus to return to this discussion and offer any thoughts about your experiences with bipolar II and/or transitioning to lamotrigine (Lamictal) from quetiapine (Seroquel). I'd also like to encourage @lingram @hopeful123 @barnowl53 @brittanyann576 @renwald to join this discussion

You mentioned that the quetiapine (Seroquel) affected your short-term memory during the 4 years you were on it. Now that you are off, have you noticed changes in this?


Hi again hoffman ….. I feel for you friend. The last time I went to my new Psychiatrist (I moved from MD to VA and had to find a new Psychiatrist), he upped the Lamictal slightly. I do think I'm feeling less of the "up and down". But the winter garbage is still there and I suspect will never change …. I isolate, don't answer the phone or door, only go to the store, and pretty much stay hidden away. I'm going to my daughter's for Thanksgiving, which I dread ….. my X will be there, and all the rest of the family, and pandemonium, noise, and on and on. I'm going, taking my pies,eating and splitting quickly. I just don't want to socialize. I love my kids, but they just don't get it. I don't think someone can get it unless they've been through it. I've got Bipolar 2, so it's not quite as severe …. early on my doc. had me take Seroquel too, and I thought I was in some other land ….. it really messed me up, to say the least. I know this isn't much help, but just know that I care, have been there, and now that winter is here ….. it'll only get worse, at least for me. I think I should have moved to FL rather than next to the Blue Ridge Mtn. Please keep in touch …. send me a private note if you want ….. do take care of yourself.

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