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Hi hoff …. your Rx’s sound like mind. I do think Lamictal is good for now – my only problem with it is that dryness of my mouth …. I guess all things considered, that’s not a big deal. I’m also on Wellbutrin and Klonopin – Wellbutrin seems to have no adverse side effects, but as I said in a previous note, the Klonopin side effects – specifically – poor balance, falling, unsteadiness – is worrisome to me. They’re all listed on the papers I get from my Pharmacist. I’m not young (73) and I sure don’t want to break a bone. My Rx is for 1-1/2 AM and 1/2 PM (don’t remember the mg.). I’ve eliminated the 1/2 in the morning and I’m moving around as I do my work, much more slowly. I’ve written to him to tell him what I’ve done so I’ll have to see what he says.

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Hi, Abby. I’ve been taking Wellbutrin and Klonopen for 12 years now, 450mg of Wellbutrin and 1 Klonopen at bedtime and a second if I need it. I tried cutting back on the Klonopen once, but it really messed with my sleep.

If I have balance problems, it would be because of peripheral neuropathy. I wouldn’t necessarily blame the Klonopen, as lots of things can affect our balance. Until you figure out the cause, you might consider using a cane or walker. I know. We don’t want to go there, but it could be a temporary solution to keep you safe.

Cutting back on the Klonopen can be a real challenge, and would have to be done in very small increments and over an extended period of time. Keep us posted how it goes.


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