Always cold after sleeve gastrectomy

Posted by aliali @aliali, Jan 24, 2019

I am seeking help with this issue; simply, my mom has experienced the surgical operation “sleeve gastrectomy”. Since then, she felt very cold all the time. It is normal and well known that this is one possible side effects of such an operation. How to cope with such an issue? It is winter and she is freezing!! Regular winter clothes cannot do the job!

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@aliali I wasn't familiar with this procedure, but looked it up and on Mayo's website it says that hormonal changes occur because of removal of part of the stomach and being cold for 3 to 6 months is on the list. Being cold is also a symptom of low thyroid function which I have, and my hands and feet used to always be cold prior to taking thyroid hormones. You might want to ask the surgeon what is best to manage this and how long it is expected to last. If thyroid hormone levels are too low, that will slow down metabolism and weight loss, so asking about that is a fair question. Hopefully that was considered before surgery.


Hi @aliali you may have noticed I moved your discussion about your mom's sleeve gastrectomy to the digestive health group and also edited the title to "Always cold after sleeve gastrectomy" so that others who have experienced this problem, or have undergone this procedure can take part in your discussion. Simply click VIEW & REPLY in your email notification and it will bring you to replies to your post.

Thank you @jenniferhunter for responding to this post, and I also wanted to tag fellow Connect member @jarnold246 in hopes they will come back to give their take on this.

Back to your mom @aliali has she had any other side effects? How is she feeling?


I have been cold ever since my gallbladder surgery and lately I have been working myself in a blanket and using a heating pad that does seem to help. Does she have a robe? If not I would get her a robe and have her wear that inside it seems to help as well. I would also check her temperature because if it gets under 95 you should take her to the hospital because it can cause issues


Hi all!
I have experienced this as well. Even during the summer months I'm cold. I always bring a jacket with me where ever I go. Maybe from all the weight loss? My MD doesn't seem concerned with this and said it was normal. My core temperature is actually always at about 99.5 at least for the last few months. Not sure if it is due to something else pathological.

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