Recurrent anaplastic oligoastrocytoma or necrosis?

Posted by 121861 @121861, Mar 10, 2016

I am new to the group. My 28 year old daughter had been dx with anaplastic ogioastrocytoma 3 . She has had surgery , proton radiation and temadar . She is now dealing with necrosis, but it’s difficult for them to be absolutely positive it’s necrosis and not tumor growing back.. Was wondering if anyone else has dealt with necrosis ?


My tumor is quite rare…it is an Anaplastic Pleomorphic Xanthoastrocytoma, or short form is Anaplastic PXA. Brain tumors always have to be such long names!! Besides my 5 surgeries and 2 different radiation treatments I was treated with Temodar, CCNU, PCV combination chemotherapy and Avastin. To say the least I have lots of experience in the brin cancer world, but have tolerated everything overall very well and would consider myself “healthy.” I stay active and just keep Living Life! I hope your daughter can do that too!

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Has your tumor shrank since you chemo? Or have you been cleared of no signs of tumor?

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