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Recurrent anaplastic oligoastrocytoma or necrosis?

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I love Mayo and feel very privileged they are in my home state. They have been ranked #1 in Neurology and Neurosurgery for 20 years by US News and World Report! Impressive! I can tell you that the most important thing for a brain tumor patient and outcome is the skill of their neurosurgeon. When my tumor recurred initially I was told to have gamma knife because my local neurosurgeon did not feel comfortable resecting my tumor…I had a second opinion at Mayo Clinic and they felt confident they
could do surgery. I have been with them ever since and have no regrets! They truly get you in as timely as they can, they have all the specialties under one roof and to quote many other patients experiences…”they run like a well-oiled machine.” I typically get my MRI, labs and results and treatment plan with my doctors all in one day! When presidents and dignitaries from all over the world go there for care…you really can’t go wrong. The Dahlai Lama was just there last month!! If you are seriously thinking about having her seen there maybe you should inquire, sooner than later, before her next MRI and just have it done there. Just a thought… I have heard MD Anderson in Houston is very reputable too, but sounds like you’ve been there. They make it pretty easy for a self referral or to request an appointment on the Mayo site.
site. Good Luck!!!!

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One more thing I wanted to ask you .. Have you had necrosis? And if you did how did they treat it ? Thank you so much for all your knowledge .. Talking to someone going through it helps a great deal .. So awesome to hear good news about Mayo .. I know for sure we will be going there for an opinion . Wish you lots of great health in the future..

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