What is the correct range for blood pressure?

Posted by Tim R. @tymochtee, May 10, 2016

I am 65 and am interested in knowing what is the correct range for blood pressure. Every doctor seems to have their own scale; a neurologist wants it to be 120/70, my GP saying 135/85, I’ve read a 2014 study from a specialized group organized by the feds that says 150/90. What’s the standard for folks at 65 y.o.?

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The BP Chart


@tymochtee, I suggest you pay special attention to the material added here by @lynnkay1956, which is a standard public statement from the American Heart Association. This material has a crucial deficiency for me and, presumably, also for you. It pays no attention to age differences (just as most medical professionals), and as a result, they hound senior citizens into setting unrealistically low BP goals more suited to millennials. One result is prescriptions for medications that may not be needed. My advice is to downplay the information available from the Internet and neighborhood conversations; find a good nephrologist with a strong practice in treating hypertension, and follow his/her advice faithfully.


actually these are the recommendations my cardiologist gave me and I am 60. I also had my surgery in December at Mayo.


@lynnkay1956, that’s fine for you individually. My point was that others should not accept the AHA chart on its face, because it has no allowance for age differences, which are crucial factors often pushed aside by the pharmaceutical industry.


Blood pressure ideal numbers are under great conversation in the medical
community, my hubby learned in his just completed EMT training. I suspect
it is individual and depends on the doctor. I’d go with the primary, unless
most of your care is from a specialist. And, BP varies throughout the day,
so ask for a range.

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