Hypnotism for anxiety

Posted by annedodrill44 @annedodrill44, Dec 21, 2019

I’m signed on to my first appointment. Has anyone tried hypnotism for anxiety with or without success? I’m also considering acupuncture?

@annedodrill44 My sister was a certified hynotherapist when she was working as a registered nurse. Twice when I had surgery, she came to where I was living, and worked with me using hypnosis, to ease my pre-surgical anxiety and stress. In 1999 I underwent a hysterectomy. Her use of the hypnosis made my procedure and the aftereffects very manageable. I feel the reason I had so little pain and discomfort was due to using hypnosis. The deep relaxation it produces is key.


I did a series of 5 hypnotic session. It really helped me. I looked very forward to my sessions because I checked out of intense fear for at least an hour. Massages with Tibetan singing bowls helped.

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