Posted by jacko @jacko, Jul 13, 2016

Vertigo, Skip beats, and high blood pressure are elements of evasive problems .. especially with PTSD people

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Glad to see you back with us this month, @jacko. Hope you’re feeling your best. I could benefit from your observations about three of my problems — high blood pressure, skipped heart beats, and slow pulse. Vertigo also has a role with these symptoms, but my problem has been occasional syncope (simple fainting) for which the causes were known.

My blood pressure now averages about 145/90 with three pretty strong medications — one to regulate sodium (Lisinopril), one potassium-sparing diuretic (Amiloride), and one slow-down-the heart beta blocker (Carvedilol). This last one posed a problem, because it has the potential to dial down my pulse rate to 50 or less; but it so far has dropped it to only the 55-75 bpm range, which hasn’t translated into vertigo or syncope. I need to look into skipped heart beats, because that may be PAC, premature atrial contraction, which could become the successor to my a-fib.

Can you give me any input from your experience in these three problem areas? I need to reset my options before my quarterly cardiologist visit in September.


@jacko glad to see you’re back.

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