How long can Sotalol maintain normal sinus rhythm (NSR)?

Posted by rich705 @rich705, May 13 4:24pm

I have been on sotalol 120 mg bid for 2 years how long can I take this and expect NSR . I am 80 years and do walking and light excercise daily. Also on Eliquis.

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this is a beta blocker that holds your heart rate down, you are doing well to exercise


At two years, you are already doing better than average, according to what I read here:,much%20lower%E2%80%945%20to%2028%20percent%20after%2012%20months
As vmuller noted above, the exercise is probably doing you good.


The calcium channel blockers slow the heart. They can be used to help to maintain NSR, but also to help with incipient hypertension. If you have AF, the channel blockers all work for a while, months to years, and you have to let the patient's body decide for how long. As heart diseases are progressive, and AF is progressive, what works today may not work next month…or even tomorrow.

The tendency is to keep raising the 'basics' in dosage until a more concerted intervention is needed. For AF, that will be catheter ablation. I haven't looked to see what the maximum dosage is for sotolol for non-heart-failure patients, but for metoprolol, which I used to take, it was 200 mg/day. I needed a second ablation to stem breakthrough/recurrent AF, and was up to 175 mg over a three month period before the ablation surgery took place. As I said previously, what works today may not work in a few weeks' time.

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