How do YOU Cope with Low Sodium Diet?

Posted by Errol, Alumni Mentor @duvie, Mar 16, 2018

Lilbit had congestive heat failure last year about this time and has been placed on a low sodium diet.
How were YOU able to shop for low sodium foods? How do YOU compensate for the taste of not having salt?
Has ANYONE found spices or condiments to help off set the taste of food with very little sodium?
Have YOU become satisfied with the way your food taste? What advice would YOU recommend to others who have just been placed on a low sodium diet? Have YOU found any restaurants who offer low sodium meals? …..I know when I called the daughter who had gone shopping for the very first time to try to find food her mom could eat, she was in tears walking through Wall Mart and saying she couldn't find anything within the allowable mg of sodium.. I told her, this is all new to us but we will figure it all out.
She actually did good with fresh vegetables, some frozen foods, and fresh fish.

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Hi..I am having the same problem but there is a product made from soy helps with want miss salt! only can use1tps.thats 45mg.. of sodium… it's called liquid Aminos*'s by braggs.. all purpose's a natural soy sauce alternative,but i can use l tpspoon on alot…it on takes a tiny bit!…I found it at whole foods!


When I saw "How do YOU cope with a low sodium diet?" I had trouble not wanting to add my comments.

As a child I was raised on, what would be called today a very high sodium diet. Thirty to forty years ago my father had to go on a low sodium diet for dizziness. I figured "I am my father's daughter" I too may have to watch my sodium intake. I slowly removed sodium from my died. However, ten years ago I had to go on a low sodium diet and still needed to reduce more sodium from my diet. I tried some of the substitutes and did not like any of them (lemon juice and unflavored vinegar's do not count) and to this day I do not use any substitutes. I just slowly kept reducing sodium in my diet.

I read labels every time I buy foods. If there are 140mg of sodium per serving I look at the serving size, amount of protein, sugar and fat. I then read the ingredients, if salt is listed among the first ingredients or listed more than once I am more than likely to put it back. Even when the sodium count is over 500 for a complete meal I will put it back. I might eat more than the daily limit the rest of the day. I can taste the sodium in my foods today, if I have to add salt to something I add a very small amount to the top, eat the top layer and I don't need any more salt.

Baby foods do not have any sodium in them and babies do not learn about salt until parents start seasonings their foods. Bought foods, or drinks, high in sugar are more likely t be high in sodium too. Because they are not food items so they do not have to list their ingredients. Good luck.


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