Hospice care note

Posted by Scott, Volunteer Mentor @IndianaScott, Sep 6, 2016

Good day to all caregivers! I hope your day is going ok. I was reading through the GetPalliativeCare.org website and notice something I wanted to note regarding one of their statements about hospice care. The statement, which is correct, is that hospice care is an important Medicare benefit.

I simply want everyone to know it can also be an option available to those not on Medicare. Many private insurance companies, though group coverages, individual policies, and the ACA, often offer hospice care as a benefit.

In my wife's case, she made the decision to enter home hospice for her final care and it was a godsend for her. After her neuro-oncology team at Mayo it was the best care of her fight.

So I just offer this as a note. It may well be common knowledge, but I thought better to broadcast it than leave a bit of a foggy statement that popular website.

Peace and strength to all!

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