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Horrible Rash While Pregnant!!

Posted by @lovesallyouneed0, Sep 26, 2011

I need some advice…I am 17 weeks pregnant and I keep getting this aweful rash! It seems like it might be poison ivy or a serious reaction to something, but it is painfully itchy, and WILL NOT GO AWAY! I have talked to two different doctors about it. One gave me a steroid cream, but both told me to go to a specialist. I cannot afford one, so my back is up against a wall. The steroid cream worked when I was not pregnant, but I do not want to take it while I am (I am very cafeful and picky about the medications I take). Would anyone have any suggestions as to what types of medications are safe to take while pregnant that may help clear up possible poison ivy/oak/sumac rash? Maybe some healthy, safe home remedies?

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Posted by @madsel, Jan 12, 2012

I hope everything went well with you and your baby. I am new to the site so I didn’t see this question until recently. Anyway, I am not a Dr. or medical professional but I do have a friend who also had a horrible rash like you talk about when she was pregnant. It was a nasty bugger and was hot to the touch. Even if you held your hands over it you could feel the heat. The name of her rash was PUPPS. I think the steriod cream you used was what she did too but the only cure is delivery. When you have your baby that’s when it goes away. For her it was two days later. So I would say use oatmeal or some type of comforting cream if it’s okay with your Dr. as I am not in the medical field. Good luck toyou and your baby.


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Posted by @anon85954006, Mar 19, 2013


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