High CAC score

Posted by cedgar @cedgar, Aug 4, 2022

Hello all. I’m a new member and unfortunately my CAC score is 1560. A had a nuclear stress test and echo with no problems. I exercise everyday with no issues. I’m 65 and never smoked. BMI 27. Cardio told me only way to know about blockages is to do a catherization. For now I decided to hold off on the cath since I’m not convinced any benefit would offset the risk of the procedure. It’s hard to believe there is not another non-invasive test for blood flow in the coronary arteries. So Cardio increased my liptor from 10 to 40 and I decided to try a plant based diet based on Dr Esselstyn book on CAD. The good news is within 4 weeks my LDL dropped from 99 to 49 and my total cholesterol went from 165 to 100. Unfortunately my HDL fell to 37. So I’m going to tweak my diet to add some salmon and other HDL enhancing foods. I’m also going to see another Cardio for another opinion. I did start taking K2 with my D3. From material I’ve read online some Dr’s believe you can reduce plaque if you keep your LDL level below 70. Others suggest that by reducing plaque some of it may come from under the calcium which could shrink the calcium and enhance the blood flow. I haven’t seen any medical studies that show you can reduce calcium but I believe you can at least halt it. Has anyone else approached their CAC this way? Any thoughts on my plan? Am I right on holding of on a catherization? Thanks

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Did Dr Agosten talk about how small changes yield large results? Just curious…

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Ah, no, he didn't go into details. I read one of his books on heart health and it's very readable and encouraging. You can sense when talking to him that he's still fascinated by the occupation he chose and has a deep appreciation for how bodies can get better.

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