Help: Chest pain, high heart rate, exhaustion

Posted by amm97 @amm97, Feb 2, 2020

Update: I’m still having chest pain almost 4 months, high heart rate and now exhaustion. Every test has came back normal and my doctor doesn’t really know what else to do. Does anyone on here know if it would be worth it to go to Mayo and see if they can’t figure it out. I’m at my witts end, I’m in pain 24/7 and I don’t know what else to do. For anyone who hasn’t been following my journey the tests I’ve had done are CT of abdomen and pelvis, echo, chest xray, multiple blood tests, holter monitor, ekgs, kidney Doppler and ultrasound, upper GI scope. I’ve also tried medications like proilsec, a prescription for anti-inflammatory. These havent helped my chest pain.


@cjfutrell could it be costochondritis?

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It could be I feel like I’ve suffered before from it but there’s really no way of knowing until you rule out everything else

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