Heart-Lung Transplant Journey

Posted by ExWife @bcrandall, Nov 3, 2020

We are supporting a heart and double lung transplant family member. The transplant happened at Mayo in October, so we are looking for insights and support as we go through this journey. Due to covid-19, only one family member is allowed to visit, so a lot is falling on his shoulders.

We'd welcome insights from people who've gone through the heart and/or lung transplant journey. What to expect in the early days in the PCU, and duirng the 3 month in-town portion of the recovery? What do you wish someone had told you, either as the patient or the care-giver? Are there tips for keeping positive during the ups and downs? What are some things you did that helped make sense of all the information?

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@bcrandall, @djcrandall, I am thinking about you. I hope your loved one is having an uneventful recovery.
What about you? How are you getting along with all of this? How can we help you thru this phase of recovery?

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