Heart failure while taking camzyos?

Posted by nmrsh @nmrsh, May 24 5:32pm

Anyone had heart failure while on this?

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I have had great results on Camzyos. It is frightening to take a medicine which lists "heart failure" as a possibility. I am functioning at a much higher level than pre Camzyos, and highly recommend trying it if your Cardiologist thinks you are a good candidate. I have found this MAYO blog very helpful as I navigate the 9 month journey on Camzyos. good luck to you.


Hi @nmrsh . I'll echo what @whidbey says. But first, I get my medical information in large part from Dr Google, so take anything I say with suspicion. When I was looking at a yes/no decision about taking Camzyos, it seemed to me that my oHCM was either (i) basically a form of heart failure, or (ii) something that could lead to heart failure anyway. And it was already debilitating. For me it was an easy choice. My cardiologist was recommending Camzyos and I would be monitored frequently. From a heart failure point of view, I didn't feel like I would be worse off, and I could be way better off. And so far, it has been uniformly good for me. I do wonder, if you started with HCM, took Camzyos, then developed heart failure - could they pin it on Camzyos, or could it have been a normal result from the HCM? And yes, this Mayo blog HCM and it's stubs, especially the one about Camzyos, have been really helpful to me too. Best wishes in whatever treatment you pursue!

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