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Hi I’m Sensation and I also have Apical HCM.

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Good to meet someone else with apical cardiomyopathy as it’s quite rare


Hello. Joe from Wisconsin. HCM (apical) and poraximal afib. ICD. Seeing Dr. Tajik in Milwaukee. Never been to Mayo Clinic.


What a great mixture of members. @cynaburst @Sensation @ronaldpetrovich and @margie11 have been around since Connect’s early days. @onewholovesrock @mistymopps3 and @mbcube have just joined this month. More importantly, you are all at different stages of managing HCM and have a wealth of information to share.
Welcome all.


Hello. Joe from Wisconsin. HCM (apical) and poraximal afib. ICD. Seeing Dr. Tajik in Milwaukee. Never been to Mayo Clinic.

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Hey Joe. You don’t have to be a Mayo patient to participate on Mayo Clinic Connect. Val isn’t either. We just want HCMers to not have to go it alone.


Hello everyone and welcome to the new HCM Community on Mayo Clinic Connect. I am one of the mentors here and got involved with Mayo Clinic and its HCM program when I traveled to Mayo over ten years ago now to have a myectomy. I was so impressed with the treatment I got at Mayo, and became so convinced of the importance of being treated at a specialty center, that since then I have worked to spread the word about how to live well with HCM. The most critical thing is, whether you need surgery, or medical treatment, or anything else related to HCM, having a team that is knowledgeable about HCM is so important.

As far as my HCM story, I have a long family history with HCM. I lost my grandfather, uncle and father to the disease. I have had an ICD for 14 years, and had a myectomy 10.5 years ago. I had my son knowing I had the disease and my father lived most of his life with the disease, so I have pretty much lived through or witnessed just about every stage of HCM. All of these experiences led me to create two blogs about my experiences with HCM and to help educate patients about it.

The first blog: http://www.cynthiassummeradventure.blogspot.com is about my myectomy experience at Mayo Clinic. At the time it served as a updating tool for my friends and family, but since then it has helped lots of folks learn what to expect as they prepare for myectomy.

I recently created http://www.HCMBeat.com which is a collection of resources about HCM as well as news of interest about the disease, new treatments, people living with the disease, etc.

Anyway, that is about it for me right now. Please join the conversation and tell us about you and your HCM story. We would love to hear about you and your own experiences. One thing that I have really learned while navigating HCM myself is that it makes such a difference to have others who have been there before to guide you along the way and help you feel less alone. Through my interactions with other patients, I had the strength to seek my myectomy surgery, I have learned about the disease and how to live best with it, and many other common sense tips that have made a huge difference in how I successfully live my life today.

I hope that this community will do the same for someone else so the word will continue to spread.

Welcome all, and I hope to hear more from you.


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Hi, this is Deb from Iowa! I was diagnosed about 8 or 9 years ago with HOCM, I have a Pacemaker and Defibrillator in place. Waiting for my Cardiologist to make me an appointment with Mayo for a Myectomy. Thank you so much for starting this group!


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@cynaburst Yah I’m going to try & listen in on it if I can. I’m looking forward to it. I signed up for it.


Hi, I’m Tillie from California. Thank you for adding me. I found out in 2011 that my brother had HOCM. I was asymptomatic at that time and was told by a local cardiologist that I didn’t have it and never would. I then became symptomatic two years ago and was lucky to find a knowledgeable HCM cardiologist. In June of this year, my cardiologist recommended that it was time for a myectomy. I am scheduled to have one on December 30 at the Rochester’s Mayo.


Hi Connect HCM-ers
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Thanks for the invite. I was diagnosed with HCM in 2010 after a cardiac arrest. I moved my care to Mayo in 2014 and have been managed very well ever since. I have a strong family history of HCM and was misdiagnosed with asthma for 23 years. I don’t have asthma. 😉

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