Having a bad day

Posted by karen00 @karen00, Nov 16, 2019

Hey Ya’ll, I’m starting out with a rough day. I’m not feeling mentally the way I should to be able to fight this. I’m on a new pain medicine and things haven’t been going too well these past few days. I believe it’s because I have fibro as well as rheumatoid and osteoarthritis and the weather has been cold and rainy – a double whammy. I wanted to communicate with fellow pain sufferers who would understand……..Karen

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@veteranspouseinpain I also use peppermint oil plus frankincense together and yes I do love the E.O. they do work .

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I use both also. On my skin, bathtub and sometimes I put it into my water air purifier. They are definitely the oldest remedies ever that's why they work. I'm glad that other people are coming on to those.

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