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Having a bad day

Chronic Pain | Last Active: Jan 6, 2020 | Replies (25)

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I just read y'all back and forth messages. It reminds me of of me. The whole thing. Fibromyalgia, osteoporosis, endometriosis, arthritis, migraines…etc. being surrounded by four walls everyday doesn't help at all. It could put you in a dark place. And I'm only 38. Also surrounded by two people I love the most that makes my pain look like a minor headache. One thing I hold onto is my artwork and going to the gym even though it hurts. I've been going for about a year. At first it was hard hard. But then I realized that being sore everyday felt a whole lot better than the pain everyday. Also it helped me sleep at night. I stopped all my pain meds bc all it did was numb me. So I use pure peppermint oil everywhere and it soaks through the bone and it's better than anything over the counter. All I can say is I hope y'all continue talking to me bc this is the first sight I found people like me. God bless yall 🙏.

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Hi @veteranspouseinpain, welcome to Connect. You might be interested in this discussion with fellow artists.
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@veteranspouseinpain I also use peppermint oil plus frankincense together and yes I do love the E.O. they do work .