Growth, development, and perportions.

Posted by myleghurts101 @myleghurts101, May 31 5:06pm

I'm an 18 year old guy.
Im 5'9.
Mom is 5'6 or 5'7.
17 year old sister is 5'7
My father is 6'2.
6,2 uncle(mom's side)
I'm more concerned with my perportions. I have a bigger head and my wingspan(distance from fingertip to fingertip with stretch out arms)
is 6'3 ( wingspan grew from 6' to 6'3, almost a year ago now)
My torso is really short compared to my legs. Am I likely to grow to be more perportional? I feel and look awkward.
Trying to find answers elsewhere and found resources I've read online claims for the majority of the adults height and wingspan is a 1:1 ratio. Or roughly the same.

Quick Notes[
was adopted
Shy guy and to embarrassed to bring up to my PCP or a,nurse
Have lived a very active and healthy lifestyle.
No known verticle growth throughout high school.
Never smoked, vape, drank alcoholic beverages.

Question: Will my spine grow to fit my imperportionate body?
I love learning so the why or why not would be great too. Thank you, you're awesome. Sorry for the read.

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