Ground Glass Nodules and COVID19

Posted by dmbrauch @dmbrauch, Aug 8 3:25pm

With all the other health issues I have, I do not like my cat scan last week because non medical people are telling me I have COVID 19. So here it what it said… should I be worried before my visit back to Mayo on Aug 11??????????

Multiple bilateral groundglass pulmonary nodules are present with examples including a 7 mm groundglass nodule in the right apex (series 3 image 67), 5 mm groundglass nodule in the right middle lobe (3/374), 5 mm groundglass nodule in the basal right lower lobe (3/442). Few scattered solid pulmonary nodules including a 3 mm nodule in the right upper lobe (3/88), 4 mm nodule in the lingula (3/284) and 3 mm nodule more inferiorly in the lingula (3/400).

Hello @dmbrauch, Welcome to Connect. You will notice that I changed the title of your discussion a little to help clarify the subject of the discussion. I'm assuming the doctor ordered the CAT scan prior to you meeting with them. Did someone call you to discuss the results of the CAT scan and that's why you are worried about your upcoming Mayo appointment on Aug 11th? Can you send your doctor or care team a message on your patient portal to address your concerns?


I am both a severe COPD patient and Alpha 1 patient genotype MZ. My pulmonologist Dr. Niven has seen these same things on my xran… I had an exacerbation on 7/11 and 8/19 (not uncommon for an MZ) and Dr. Niven said he saw the xrays and they were exactly what he expected to see.

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